Welcome to Bag Life, all about Promotional Wholesale Custom Bags! In this blog, we will be sharing how we meet different people, ask them about their current bags, and ask them what they would change about their bag if they could build their own custom bag. Not only does this help us create a better customer experience by providing everything that you could ever want in a promotional bag, it also helps you to get a better understanding of our company and how we work. Enjoy!

Today’s Bag Life post is about my friend Talia Morrison. We met through mutual friends in 2005. Talia is currently living in San Diego, California. I decided to interview Talia about her current tote bag, and get her opinion on what it would be like to build her own custom tote bag.

Talia’s bag Talia-M-Bag-163x300 custom promotional bags wholesaleof choice is her business tote. She has had this tote bag for roughly two years and uses it to carry all of her essentials such as her work binders and her purse between the office and any appointments she may have to conduct on a daily basis. When I asked Talia if her tote bag had any stories to tell, she replied that if her bag could talk, it would have much to say, unfortunately, the information would be confidential due to the nature of her career. She likes that her bag is big enough to fit all of her necessities and that the shoulders are soft enough that the bag doesn’t hurt to carry around for hours at a time. Talia’s bag used to be a black and white polka dot pattern but with prolonged exposure from the sun, the bag turned purple. If she could choose anyone to be the next owner of this bag, it would be someone who originally wanted a purple bag.

When I asked Talia what changes she would make to her bag if she got to choose, she had a lot to say about it. For instance, she wishes that she could put secret wheels on the bottom of the bag that wouldn’t show during normal use so that she could wheel it around when it got heavy. She also said that her custom tote bag would have lots of zippered pockets and a built-in sunglasses holder. She would also make the bag weatherproof so that it could hold up in even the most demanding situations. Although she wouldn’t want to change the size, she would love to have a changeable exterior so that she could switch the color to fit her mood.

With all of the qualities that Talia wishes she could make to her existing bag, it’s a shame that she didn’t know about The Custom Bag Company sooner! With all of our materials, design choices, and style experts, you can create a one-of-a-kind bag that is hand tailored to fill your specific day-to-day needs. If you are looking to build your bag that will make your life immeasurably easier, contact us for a quote today!

The last question that I asked Talia was how she could improve the world around her in 2017. Her answer was that she wishes to provide training to help people with careers in the mental health field learn how to connect and have more of an impact with those they serve.