History Tidbit

According to the San Francisco Bike Messenger Association, “Bicycle messengering officially started in 1894, when a railway strike halted mail delivery from the Bay Area. An ingenious bicycle shop owner in Fresno came up with the idea to deliver it by bicycle. He set up a relay between Fresno and S.F., with 6 riders covering about 30 miles each. The last rider would cover 60 miles. It was a complete success, and our job was set in motion.” At The Custom Bag Company, we offer the finest custom messenger bags wholesale.

Large Messenger Bag

Classic style used by cycling couriers falls into the large category. There is plenty of room to store boxed documents and architect renderings.

Medium Messenger Bag

This size comfortable store average-sized laptops, manila folder files, and small umbrellas. Professionals who commute to and from work enjoy this type of messenger bag for providing both an interior storage space, coupled with exterior pockets that store smaller items. These are slimmer and less bulky than the classic large messenger bags.

Small Messenger Bag

This size can be worn around the waist or stored inside of a large interior coat or jacket pocket. They are good homes for cell phones and other smaller electronic devices.

Messenger Bag Closures

Velcro, snap-on and zippers. Locking zippers provide another element of security to messenger bags.

Satchel Messenger Bag

Resembles a briefcase, in the sense that they’re defined by the presence of two vertical straps for the buckles which help close the bag.

Sling Messenger Bag

A bag with one strap that is designed to be carried on one shoulder.

Vertical Messenger Bag

Most messenger bags have a longer width than height. With vertical bags, just the opposite is true.

Briefcase Messenger Bag

They are made of leather and retro schoolboy-inspired design. It features a frontal flap, with one or two buckle straps for fastening the bag shut, plus they can come with a corresponding number of outer front pockets.

Military Messenger Bag

Inspired by actual army items. Almost always made of canvas and can have leather elements such as badges. They have several pockets, both on the inside, as well as on the outside, and usually come in camo green or khaki. Their most distinguishable features are durability and practicality.

Saddle Messenger Bag

These bags are very similar to satchels but they have a rounded shape of their frontal flap.

Multi-Pocket Organizer Messenger Bag

These bags have outer pockets that make it easier to organize and keep your belongings within reach.

Camera Messenger Bag

Designed for camera gear in mind so they have a larger inside compartment and several smaller inner and outer pockets.