History Tidbit

According to the Wall Street Journal, “The first machine that looked like today’s laptops—flat screen in a clamshell design over the keyboard—was the GRiD Compass. British designer Bill Moggridge created it in 1979, and it was actually manufactured in 1982. The sleek, black magnesium case was a knockout, and so was the $10,000 price tag. But it too depended on AC power. Batteries weren’t up to the task of powering the electroluminescent display and Intel 8086 processor. At a mere five pounds without its external disk drive, the Compass found applications on U.S. space missions and in the military. It was too expensive for business applications and it didn’t follow the IBM PC standard, which was rapidly becoming the basis for business computing. But it was the die from which virtually every practical laptop computer was cast.” View some of the custom business bags we offer wholesale below.


A Flat, rectangular case with a handle, often of leather, for carrying books, papers, etc.

Laptop Bag

Designed to house multiple sizes of laptops in a protective sleeve with room for business essentials including files, papers, pens and other accessories.


See messenger.

Roller Business Bag

A wheeled model of a briefcase and/or laptop bag designed to hold business essentials and some are designed to carry mobile printers.

Tablet Bag

Designed to house multiple sizes of tablets in a protective sleeve. Depending on the size will hold small accessories like pens, phones or larger versions to hold files and papers.