Fun Fact

Did you know that 31% of U.S. Consumers own a promotional bag? Even more interesting is that in the United States, San Franciscans are most likely to own a promotional bag. The Advertising Specialty Institute said 38% of consumers there have received one in the last 12 months. At The Custom Bag Company we offer such bags, including custom tote bags wholesale for your needs.


Casual Tote Bag

Usually come in a myriad of colors, illustrations and quirky designs. Able to hold a fair amount of things, they are the chosen to-go bags for most.

Beach Tote Bag

Large, spacious and able to withstand heat and sand, these totes are usually fairly simple in design. Colors may vary although they are usually pattered in bright hues. Their spacious design with no compartments also means anything goes inside.

Luxury Tote Bag

Made using more exquisite materials such as leather. Embellishments, buckles, tassels and various compartments.

Shopping Tote

Can be made from canvas to other durable fabrics to house groceries and other shopping items.

Laptop Tote

Made form leather or other sustaining materials, these totes are designed to specifically accommodate laptops and with several compartments for documents.

Diaper Tote

Extra large in size to accommodate diapers, bottles, wet wipes and everything else a baby needs.

Laundry Tote

Spacious totes made from durable cloth like canvas or polyester for you to carry laundry.

Sports Tote/Shoe Tote

Usually unisex tote with the exception of color choices and materials. Men’s tote tend to have sharper edges with buckles and usually made of leather or suede.

Business Tote

Made form supple leather or heavy canvas for an extended life.

Travel Tote

More often than not comes in muted shades to complement your carryall luggage. Materials for these totes are heavy to ensure strength and have several side compartments to store passports, tickets and other travel essentials.

Custom Tote

The Custom Bag Company can make you any type of tote bag you desire.

Personalized Totes

You can have your own personalized tote embellished they way you want it, The Custom Bag Company can make you any type of custom and personalized tote bag you desire.