Fun Fact

According to USA Today, Duffle bags are named for the city in Belgium where very thick canvas was first used to make the original cylinder-shaped bags. At The Custom Bag Company, we offer custom duffle bags wholesale to meet your standards and needs.

Barrel Duffle

A Cloth tube-shaped bag with straps with either a top drawstring closure or barrel-shaped duffel with a side zipper closure that runs the length of the bag.

Square Duffel

This squared or box-shaped is rectangular with a side zipper closure with separate zippered compartments on the ends.

Weekender Duffle

A large, wide bag with a top opening and two handles perfect for a few nights away from home.

Wheeled Duffle

Many contain a rigid bottom with a wider opening with the use of a U-shaped zipper running the length of the top-side of the bag.  These bags usually have the most separate sections and some can even be expanded into larger bags. The built in wheels on the under side of the bag make it easy to carry even heavier loads.