“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” – Paul Rand

Custom Promotional Tote Bags – your organization sends a message to the market that is solely yours. Your culture, your core values, your commitment to excellence, the people that make it all happen – there is no voice like yours. Your brand is your voice when there is no podium, no platform, and no big stage. What is it saying?

Embroidered-Leather-300x240 custom promotional bags wholesaleIf you are a buyer of branded merchandise, it’s probably the 50th item on your to-do list. It gets tacked on to the end of a 60-hour workweek behind all of the urgent things, leaving no time for planning ahead. So, you look online to find what is stocked deep and can ship fast.

The problem is your organization’s unique voice becomes part of the chaotic choir that is the tradeshow floor, golf tournament, conference, press kit, etcetera.

Your hottest prospects are seen carrying the same promotional bag you are handing out — given by your competitor first. Maybe the color is different, maybe the logo is Image-Template-300x211 custom promotional bags wholesaledifferent. But you and your competitor know you purchased the same cookie cutter wholesale business tote stocked sky high in a remote area of Pittsburgh. It is as tragic as showing up to the Senior Prom wearing the same dress as a dozen other girls. The dream of making a grand entrance into the High School Gym – walking in slow motion as a gentle breeze blows through your hair, your uniqueness on display – gone. Destroyed by the reality that you are nothing more than a bookend. The “wow” you longed to hear is now replaced by the sound of crickets.



Why custom wholesale promotional bags? Because there is only one you. Because no one likes crickets. Let’s show them who you are. Send us an to get started or use our custom order form to build your promotional tote bags!

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